January Bulletin Board Ideas (2024)

Start off the new year in style with these fabulous bulletin board ideas for January.

January Bulletin Board Ideas (1)

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January Bulletin Boards

January is a great month to change up your bulletin board because there are so many themes to choose from.

Take a look at this list to find your next great bulletin board idea!

Believe in Your Shelf Bulletin Board

The new year is a chance to turn a new page.

Communicate to your students that this is possible with these affirming statements.

Class Info Penguin Bulletin Board

Display your important class information (special events, birthdays, and flyers) on this eye-catching wintry bulletin board.

January Bulletin Board Ideas (2)

New Year’s Resolution Board

This simple but stylish bulletin board displays all the possible resolutions to start the new year off right.

This board works especially well for middle school and high school.

I Have a Dream Bulletin Board

The third Monday in January is Martin Luther King Day.

This bulletin board pays honor to the day.

What dreams do your students have for the world?

Martin Luther King, Jr. Bulletin Board

This bulletin board is a moving tribute to MLK, his values, and his legacy.

Blasting Into the New Year Bulletin Board

This bulletin board is bright and dynamic; it will add a dose of energy and cheer to your classroom!

January Bulletin Board Ideas (3)

4 Goals Bulletin Board

Turn the numbers of the year into flipbooks where the student can write 4 goals.

These could be:

  • a book I’d like to read
  • a good deed I’d like to do
  • something I’d like to work on
  • something I’d like to learn

Glitz and Glam New Year Bulletin Board

This shiny bulletin board is simple but dazzling!

Interactive Goal Board

A few letters and numbers, a big swath of black paper, and some metallic markers–that’s all you need for this interactive bulletin board (or just use a blank wall!).

MLK Heart and Hands Bulletin Board

This one is powerful and beautiful.

If you have a die cutter, this would be super simple to execute!

InstaHistory Bulletin Board

Who says the resolutions are just for kids?

What if you set a goal for yourself this year to highlight historical and current events?

Make this board and then switch out the “posts” each month.

January Bulletin Board Ideas (4)

Welcome Back from the Books Bulletin Board

This bulletin board would be perfect for a library or a classroom reading corner.

Attitude Colors Everything

This post-it bulletin board is my dream!

(Side note: if you scroll through the pics on this post you will see this teacher’s classroom rules–hilarious and memorable!)

Climbing to New Heights

Calling all crafty teachers!

This 3-D bulletin board could certainly work for the new year.

The students would likely get a kick out of their little climbing figures!

Tiny Art Show Bulletin Board

I love turning student art into bulletin board content!

Give each student a tiny sticky note canvas, and then “frame” it by drawing on the black paper with metallic markers.

Bright Display Bulletin Board

Freshen up the way you display your student’s work!

Book Ideas Bulletin Board

Start the new year off with some fresh reads!

I like this board because you can adapt it to any grade–just change out the books.

January Bulletin Board Ideas (5)

Learning Reminder Bulletin Board

In this new year, why not remind your students of why they are here?

The skills it takes to learn something new are life skills!

Kindness is Like Snow Bulletin Board

This wintry board says it in Spanish, but you could also express it in English: “Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers.”

Our Class Is Snow Cool Bulletin Board

If you have the wall space, why not fill it with these adorable snowmen?

January Bulletin Board Ideas (6)

Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas for January

The new year is a time for a fresh start.

Reflect that in your classroom decor by choosing one of these January bulletin board ideas.

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January Bulletin Board Ideas (2024)


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