January Bulletin Board Ideas (2024)

January Bulletin Boards

The January Bulletin Board Ideas page will provide you with great resources for a number of monthly events, holidays and themes. Our bulletin boards will help you integrate seasonal activities into your daily curriculum. Ideas within the January bulletin board pages include resources for the following: snow, New Year's Resolutions, snowflakes, winter, and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.

January Bulletin Board Ideas (1)We are always looking for new ideas! Your creativity can help other teachers.Submit your bulletin board ideaand don't forget to include a photo if you have one!

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January Bulletin Board Ideas (3) Snowman Poetry
Poetry is always a great avenue for student learning. Students are introduced to the “Building Mr. Snowman” poem. (You can download the post below.) If you choose, you may want to have students memorize the poem. For the art work you will need the following for each student:

  • Light blue construction paper
  • Pre-cut white circles
  • Large coffee filter
  • Various pieces of construction paper for snowman parts (for entire class)

EXTENSIONS: Have your students write a paragraph or short story about what type of fun their snowman will have.

January Bulletin Board Ideas (5) "Snowman Adventure"
Let your students create their own snowman and send him or her on an adventure! Provide lined writing paper for your students and have them write where their snowman would visit and what they would do. Using construction paper and water colors, students will create their snowman and the background for the location of their adventure. Mount the writing and snowman to a large piece of construction paper and display.

You can download the circles needed for the snowman too (There are two sets per sheet.) You will need to provide small scrap-sized pieces of construction paper for the eyes, nose, scarf, hat, and arms.

Provided by: The Teacher's Corner

January Bulletin Board Ideas (8) "If I were a snowflake..."
Students have a wonderful imagination and this activity will help them share that. Students will use one of the sentence starter strips to write their answer to the question. You will want to pick the strip based on the age of your students. (The one in the photograph is for primary-aged students.) For the art work you will need the following for each student:

  • A copy of the sentence starter strip (PDF: primary or intermediate)
  • Light blue construction paper
  • Die-cut snowflakes
  • Crayons or chalk for the drawing

Provided by: The Teacher's Corner

January Bulletin Board Ideas (10) Frosty - Counting Snow Balls Bulletin Board
This is a fun way to create a simple, winter display for students to practice their counting skills. Have your students practice counting in a variety of ways – by 2s, 5s, 10s, etc.

You can use a soup can or coffee can lids as a pattern to make the snowballs.

Provided by: The Teacher's Corner

January Bulletin Board Ideas (12) We Are Unique Grades Primary
Just like every snowflake, your students are all unique. Allow them to show this by creating individual snowflakes. I have found one of the easiest ways to create beautiful snowflakes is to use coffee filters. They come in a perfect circle and are made in several different sizes.

Depending on the size of filter you use, have the students begin to fold the filter in half, over and over again until you get a small sliver. Using their scissors, students begin to cut various patterns out of the filter – being careful to not completely cut from one side to another.

Unfold the filters and hang!

EXTENSION: You can turn this into a writing activity. With younger students, have them write one-two sentences describing either their snowflake, or places their snowflake might see as it sails through the winter sky. For older students, they can use the same writing idea, but can create a full paragraph or story.
Provided by: The Teacher's Corner

January Bulletin Board Ideas (14) Martin Luther King, Jr. Art Project Grades Primary
Providing fun and artistic projects for younger students is vital. As they expand and deepen their knowledge of important topics, it is also valuable to allow them to let their creative juices flow. Use various resources to help your students learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Provide students with black, brown, white, and blue construction paper, along with several photos of MLK, Jr. Students will create a portrait of this great American hero.
Provided by: The Teacher's Corner

January Bulletin Board Ideas (16) Remembering MLK Grades 6th-12th

Submitted by: Janice H.

January Bulletin Board Ideas (18) "I have a dream..." Bulletin Board Grades Any
Access the American Rhetoric web site and allow students to listen to Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous speech. Here is the text for the speech. Depending on the age of your students, you may also need to do some additional learning. After students have listened to the speech and done any other work you have asked, they write about their own dream. This writing can be as simple or detailed as you wish. You may want students to do their initial writing on a piece of draft paper. When students have completed their writing, give them a copy of one of the clouds below. They will then copy their dream onto it, cut it out, and add it to the bulletin board. You can add your own white clouds and images or photos of Martin Luther King, Jr. to the display. EXTENSION:You may want to have students create an illustration to accompany their dream cloud. Download PDF's Below.

Blank Cloud Lined Cloud Unlined Cloud

Provided by: The Teacher's Corner

January Bulletin Board Ideas (22) "Our Dreams for the World..." Grades Intermediate and Above
Using various resources such as library books, textbooks, and/or the Internet, students learn about the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Students then write their personal dreams for the world. They may use notebook paper or a word processor to create their work. When completed, they cut their writing page into the shape of a cloud, mount it onto a piece of colored tagboard or construction paper, cut that paper into a cloud shape as well, and display. You can add your own white clouds to the display. EXTENSION: You may want to use this idea in conjunction with any current events. You may even want to include the news article with the display.
Provided by: The Teacher's Corner

January Bulletin Board Ideas (24) Ringing in the New Year! Grades Any
Reproduce the bell shape below onto construction paper or tag board. Give each student a bell and ask them to write one to three New Year Resolutions. Students cut out the bells and mount them on the bulletin board entitled "Ringing in the New Year!" To make the bulletin board more attractive you can also attach New Year's party hats, noise makers, and streamers. EXTENSION:When you are ready to take down the display, you may want to have students copy their resolutions onto note cards that they could keep for the remainder of the year. These could be great personal goals.
Click image to download PDF.
Provided by: The Teacher's Corner

January Bulletin Board Ideas (26) Snowflakes Bulletin Board Grades K-3 I teach my students how to make snowflakes. Then they do them in all shapes and sizes. My caption is, "Every One Different, Every One Special."
Submitted by: Barbara barbdmar@email-removed

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January Bulletin Board Ideas (2024)


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