8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January (2024)

8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January (1)

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January is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to start planning your bulletin board ideas now! Honestly, I always feel like bulletin boards are the perfect way to show your creativity. Plus, since these will be displayed in January, you and your students can focus on new beginnings, refreshed goals, and renewed enthusiasm! So, why not kick off the year with some fantastic bulletin board ideas that will captivate your students’ attention and foster an environment of learning and growth? Come check out eight of my favorites!

8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January (2)

8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January:

1. New Year’s Tab Book Bulletin Board

8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January (3)

Before putting the bulletin board together, you may want to start the lesson with books! Ruby’s Wish by Shirin Yim Bridges is great for goal setting.

Next, you will want to grab these New Year’s Resolutions tab books! This FREE printable includes several different goal statements, so you can customize it for your students and what you want them to work on in the new year! These will look great on a bulletin board, and the best part is that you don’t have to change them for a few weeks after you hang them up. As a bonus, there is a digital version, too!

2. New Year’s Bulletin Board Idea

8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January (4)

Check out this bulletin board design – it’s all about inspiring your students to take charge of their year! There are loads of motivational messages that’ll get them thinking. You can even have your students write down their goals and add them to this board. It’s a great way to make the classroom their own and set their sights on what they want to achieve! Check out some more New Year’s bulletin board ideas here!

3. Tasting Snow Flakes Bulletin Board with Poem

8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January (5)

You can start using the book Names for Snow by Judi K. Beach and have students brainstorm adjectives and verbs for snow. Your students’ suggestions can be included on an anchor chart later.

Next, have your students write a short “Snow Poem,” which will later be added to their piece on the bulletin board. They can draw their head and body using construction paper and colored pastels. Grab the cute writing paper here!

Read more about this easy and fun activity here!

4. Do You Want To Build a Snowman

8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January (6)

Grab those extra bits of paper you’ve got, and let’s put them to good use with an adorable snowman craft. The best part? These little guys are snowmen that’ll stick around – no melting here!

5. Sliding into Learning Penguin Bulletin Board

8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January (7)

Here is a fun penguin math craft that doubles as a winter-themed bulletin board! Start by having students pick a fact family, and then it’s time to dive into problem-solving!

They will write out the four problems; remember, no double facts for this one. Have them start on scrap paper to ensure they have the correct numbers. And because they will be working on snowballs, you can keep the numbers under 100; we wouldn’t want them to get too crowded!

As the final step, have students create their penguins and add their snowballs to create this darling bulletin board! Grab the activity here!

6. Hot Chocolate Bulletin Board

8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January (8)

Ah, you can feel that crisp winter air, and the leaves have disappeared. What’s even more incredible is that you can bring this seasonal charm into your classroom with a “how-to” writing activity!

What screams winter fun more than a “how to make hot chocolate” writing adventure paired with an adorable craft? It’s a fantastic way to warm up the winter vibes in your classroom!

Check out the bulletin board idea here!

7. We Have a Dream Bulletin Board

8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January (9)

Create a captivating bulletin board filled with students’ dreams and aspirations. Have them write or draw their dreams on hand print cutouts and arrange the words “I Have a Dream.” It’s a beautiful way to connect the past to their future dreams. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter about the power of dreams and how they can make the world a better place, just like Dr. King did.

8. Winter Hat Bulletin Board

8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January (10)

Have your students create their unique winter hats using various art supplies, or you can provide templates for them to decorate. Each hat can be a canvas for their creativity. As you display these wintery creations, it’s a perfect opportunity to discuss the importance of staying warm and stylish during the winter season. You can even tie in lessons about different cultures and their winter attire!

January Bulletin Board Ideas

So, there you have it: winter bulletin boards are not just about decoration; they’re a canvas for learning, creativity, and inspiration. They invite students to engage with the season, spark their curiosity, and foster community in the classroom. Whether it’s snowflakes, winter landscapes, penguins, or cozy hats, these boards create a visually appealing and engaging environment where learning thrives—comment below which bulletin board idea is your favorite. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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8 Favorite Bulletin Board Ideas for January (2024)


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