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Based on the original 1983 design, the new California Special is great for turning heads around the neighborhood or at the track. It features a Hi-ten steel Mongoose frame built on original geometry of a legend for superior performance and durability. The single speed drivetrain is easy to use and maintain, while the DiaCompe MX brake kit delivers super-fast, reliable stopping power. Plus, the unique Mongoose Pro Class drilled aluminum rims offer performance that won’t weigh you down.

This article will highlight some of the key moments in the history of Mongoose BMX, touching on some of the ground-breaking products, the key characters, controversial moments and finally, the status of the brand and its presence in modern day BMX. LUXBMX offers free shipping on all orders over $199 (excluding bikes) Australia-wide mongoose bike with a flat rate express upgrade of $7.99. It’s the same size as the L40 at 20.5-inches but the handlebars are bigger (1” wider and 0.75” taller). It also has an integrated head tube which means a stronger frame. The rims are also wider, which not only makes them stronger but also less prone to pinch flats on hard landings.

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Whether it be freestyle or race every single one of our staff is a die-hard BMXer so you know that you’re always getting the best advice. 10,000+ products in stock and over 40,000 satisfied customers to date. Having absorbed the extent of Mongoose history, it is evidently clear that the brand is deeply intertwined with BMX, not surprising given that the two have been in partnership since 1975. So in remembering all the things that BMX and mongoose mountain bike Mongoose have been through, when everyone stops to stare at your slick, shiny steed, never forget that you’re on a bike made by the leader of the pack. Mongoose now has a number of decades to the history of the brand, with BMX now moving towards the 21st century and entering a new era, literally and figuratively. It is perhaps at this point that the story skips forward, with there being way too many moments and characters to emphasise.

The single speed drivetrain keeps riding simple, while the rear linear pull brake provides reliable stopping power. Plus, this race-ready ride comes with a USA BMX track sanctioned number plate. Leave the competition in the dust with the MXOne BMX race bike by Mongoose.

The mid 1980s resulted in a significant downfall to the growth of BMX (primarily racing), enabled through the rise of adjacent modes (i.e. freestyle, mountain bikes and scooters) and a lack of mainstream interest. It was a time to either stick to your guns and perish or reimagine and grow. Arguably, that Mongoose hired ‘Magoo’ at this point was a milestone moment for the brand and one which helped to maintain the company’s trajectory and popularity. The man was and is a stalwart of the BMX scene, having remained relevant over multiple decades and having been behind the scenes of many different companies, events and products in BMX.

This results in the formation of the ‘BMX Action Trick Team’ – being the first and most famous of the freestyle specific teams, including such legendary riders as R.L. This (and many other teams alike) helped grow BMX through an endless series of demonstrations around the country. With new tricks being introduced at a rapid rate and the refining of a ‘professionalism’ to the demonstrations, BMX was unstoppable. With momentum afoot, Mongoose took the natural path of producing bikes and eventually, parts. Under the production name ‘BMX Products’, 1975 saw the very first batch of heli-arc welded frames which again, were designed with the BMX biker in mind. Scott Breithaupt of SE Bikes and literal pioneer of BMX fame, speaks to this topic in an interview with BMX Ultra, here.

Since Mongoose only offered these bikes in the continental USA they have been working hard to find a way for people in Canada, Alaska/Hawaii, Mexico, UK, ect, to get their hands on them and that’s where we come in. Obviously, the cost to ship to these states/countries isn’t cheap, but these bikes are affordably priced even with the cost to ship to these locations. Whether shop here at Albe’s BMX or at , we’re just stoked to help get these beauties to hardcore ‘Goose fans anywhere in the world. The Mongoose Supergoose is closely modeled on the original from the 80s, it has a high-strength 4130 chromoly steel loop-tail BMX frame, an MX brake kit, Pro Class handlebars, and lightweight Mongoose Pro Class drill rims. BMX was one of the fastest growing sports in the country in the late 70s and early 80s, and Mongoose was one of the most recognizable names in the industry. They diversified into mountain bikes and scooters in the 90s, and they’re now bringing their two most famous BMX bikes back into production.

The Extra Terrestrial’ – directed by Steven Spielberg and featuring a young Henry Thomas as Elliott Taylor. Featuring the iconic scene in which the boys are being chased by cops on BMX bikes, pedalling at speed, tearing around the neighborhood, jumping and eventually taking flight. For BMX to be shown in this light was a landmark moment – a demonstration to the general public of how rad BMX can be. The beauty of this situation is made further profound in that Skips contacts in the automobile industry meant that he had an understanding of how the production process worked, including local die shops who assisted with the very expensive moulds (i.e. $65,000 each). Skip Hess started BMX Products, Inc. out of his home in Simi Valley, California in September 1974 with his first product being the famous Motomag One wheel.

Mongoose BMX Bikes Albe’s BMX Online (2024)


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