1 Unholy The Boys Detail Reveals How Tek Knight Saw Through Hughie's Disguise (2024)

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Boys season 4, episode 6, "Dirty Business"


  • Tek Knight quickly realizes "Webweaver" is Hughie in disguise in The Boys season 4, episode 6.
  • The big clue is Hughie's lack of web hole.
  • The web hole is likely why Tek Knight invited Webweaver to his cave in the first place.

Tek Knight switches from seduction to deduction when he realizes Hughie is disguised as Webweaver, and one detail from The Boys season 4, episode 6 reveals how he figured out the whole truth. The appropriately-titled "Dirty Business" sees Hughie penetrate the inner sanctum of Tek Knight's lair, gaining access to the billionaire's exclusive party by disguising himself as the Spider-Man parody Webweaver. Unfortunately for Hughie, Webweaver was not invited for an evening hors d'oeuvres and networking.

Riffing on his Batman inspiration, The Boys' Tek Knight character possesses superhuman senses, but MM stipulates that the intense odor from Webweaver's costume should mask Hughie's scent. Tek Knight quickly realizes the man beneath the mask is an impostor regardless, but The Boys never explicitly reveals how he comes to that conclusion. Mr. Knight does note Hughie's rapid heartbeat, but that could easily be interpreted as the adrenaline rush of a man excited to fart on some cake - not an immediate sign of guilt. Instead, it's another key detail from "Dirty Business" that gives Hughie away.


From the supes to those trying to take them down, The Boys season 4 cast brings back the show's popular characters as well as new faces.

Hughie Doesn't Have Webweaver's Web Hole

Hughie's Body Is Visibly Different Compared To Webweaver's

1 Unholy The Boys Detail Reveals How Tek Knight Saw Through Hughie's Disguise (2)

When MM first visits Webweaver earlier in episode 6, The Boys makes a point of showing the supe's web hole, located around his lower back just above the buttocks. Hughie's first task upon entering Tek Knight's cave is the aforementioned cake farting, and this requires Hughie to drop his trousers as his host watches on. It does not take someone with Tek Knight's superior eyesight to see that Hughie's lower back does not have the same gaping, web-covered hole Webweaver does. As such, this is likely when Tek Knight decides his guest is not the genuine Webweaver.


Zendaya Deserves An Apology After The Boys Season 4's Unbelievably Grim Joke

The Boys has been lampooning renowned actors and characters since S1, but it might have pushed the envelope too far with its season 4 Zendaya joke.

It's difficult to tell whether Tek Knight's suspicions are roused based on his expression alone, as the super-sleuth is in the process of choking himself on a hanging chain when Hughie's pants drop. Tek Knight does, however, begin to test Hughie in a very knowing way from that point on. In the very next scene, he teases the still-masked Hughie for not knowing Webweaver's safe word, almost as if he already knows the impostor won't be able to utter it. From there, Hughie's elevated heart rate and erratic behavior only confirm what the lack of web-hole already revealed.

The Boys Hints That Tek Knight Knew All About Webweaver's Web-Hole

Tek Knight Had Definitely Done His Homework

1 Unholy The Boys Detail Reveals How Tek Knight Saw Through Hughie's Disguise (4)

When Tek Knight first greets the disguised Hughie in The Boys season 4, episode 6, he opens with, "It's so good to meet you in person... finally," confirming the party as their first face-to-mask meeting. One might argue that, having not been in the same room previously, Tek Knight would have no knowledge of Webweaver's special second hole, but The Boys strongly suggests otherwise. The two supes may not have met physically before, but Tek Knight's "finally" line proves they had communicated extensively ahead of the event.

MM accounted for masking Hughie's face, changing his voice, and even covering his scent, but none of the gang anticipated that Hughie's pasty cheeks would be on full display.

When Tek Knight later reveals his true intentions for Hughie, he complains, "Everybody always has the same holes over and over again. It gets so f**king boring." The overriding implication is that Tek Knight's sole reason for inviting Webweaver to his dungeon was the web-hole on his guest's lower back. Seeking new bodily gaps to plug, Tek Knight found a supe who could offer him something completely different to the norm, and after discussing the matter remotely, a meeting was arranged - hence why Tek Knight acts like Webweaver should know exactly what's coming.

After Hughie exposed his backside and Tek Knight's sole reason for picking Webweaver as his next "sidekick" was nowhere to be seen, the cat left the bag. This was, of course, an eventuality the Boys could not have predicted. MM accounted for masking Hughie's face, changing his voice, and even covering his scent, but none of the gang anticipated that Hughie's pasty cheeks would be on full display. That miscalculation proves to be his undoing in The Boys season 4, episode 6.


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The Boys is a superhero/dark comedy satire series created by Eric Kripke based on the comic series of the same name. Set in a "what-if" world that reveres superheroes as celebrities and gods who experience minimal repercussions for their actions. However, one group of vigilantes headed by a vengeance-obsessed man named Billy Butcher will fight back against these super-charged "heroes" to expose them for what they are.

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1 Unholy The Boys Detail Reveals How Tek Knight Saw Through Hughie's Disguise (2024)


1 Unholy The Boys Detail Reveals How Tek Knight Saw Through Hughie's Disguise? ›

Hughie's Body Is Visibly Different Compared To Webweaver's

Who is Tek Knight in The Boys? ›

Tek Knight (Derek Wilson), also known as Robert Vernon, was the host of a popular true-crime show, The Whole Truth. He used his superhero powers of observation to help solve crimes.

What happens in The Boys season 4 episode 6? ›

Kimiko and Annie save Hughie from the Tek Cave and make Tek Knight pay both physically and monetarily by gaining access to his bank account making multi-million dollar donations to social justice organizations.

What is the Butcher boys real name? ›

Billy Butcher armed with a crowbar, as portrayed by Karl Urban in the television series The Boys.

Is Butcher a bad guy in The Boys? ›

Indeed, while his intention with The Boys might be to stop Supes hurting normal people, Butcher is painstakingly hateful and cruel, seeking to cause as much suffering as possible and drag others down to his level - believing that without cruelty in their corner, people like Hughie won't survive.

Who kills the Butcher in the Boys? ›

Shocked and enraged, Hughie stabs Billy Butcher in the chest, killing him. Just as Billy planned, since he didn't really kill Hughie's parents at all.

Who kills doppelganger in the Boys? ›

Doppelganger's neck is snapped by Homelander.

What happened to Hughie in the Boys? ›

In the end, Hughie, Annie, and the Boys are exonerated, and Hughie decides to work for congresswoman Victoria Neuman, unaware that she is the head-popper.

What is Teknights power? ›

Superhuman Strength: Tek Knight's strength surpasses that of humans and some Supes, giving him formidable physical power. Superhuman Durability: Tek Knight's superhuman durability allows him to withstand the impact of his own extraordinary strength.

Why did they change Tek Knight? ›

The live-action adaptation might tone down Tek-Knight's bizarre sexual antics due to the show's focus on high school characters. The Boys' creators cannot faithfully adapt Tek Knight's extreme actions from the comics, so they need to reinvent his character to make him more significant in the TV show.

Who is supersonic in The Boys? ›

The Boys (TV Series 2019– ) - Miles Gaston Villanueva as Alex, Supersonic - IMDb.

Who is the clone in The Boys? ›

While initially an enigma, it is revealed at the climax of the series that Black Noir is actually a clone of the Homelander, developed by Vought-American as a contingency, in case the leader of the Seven became a liability, and as such, has all of his powers, including heat vision, super strength, durability, flight, ...


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